Franz Goebel Landscape design won the Pacific Northwest Competition for Gardeners Grand Prize and was featured in Pacific Northwest, The Seattle Times Magazine in February 2005

Vivaciously Careful

Comfort comes in luxuriant plantings well-composed

FRANZ GOEBEL AND Ali Igmen waited all of five minutes after buying their house before tearing out masses of ivy.  They soon hired an arborist to remove a cedar tree that was dangerously close, rented a backhoe to dig out a smothering laurel hedge and began to think about how to shape a garden.  Six years later, their prize-winning collectors’ garden spills over their 4,000-square-foot lot.

Given their corner position on a long-established block in Seattle’s Hawthorne Hills neighborhood, they’ve heard frequent remarks from delighted passers-by.

Especially welcome comments came from judges for the 12th annual Pacific Northwest Competition for Home Gardeners.  They awarded these intrepid gardeners the contest’s grand prize: round-trip airfare to London and the May 2005 Chelsea Flower show including admission to the show and five nights’ lodging.