Nike World Headquarters

Nike World Headquarters featured in Interiors Magazine (2nd slideshow image)

Top Left:  Workstations in the Michael Schmitz office buildings are detailed with maple wood corners and rice-paper windows.  To reflect an Asian concept of layering of spaces, a stairwell interrupts the corridors, while a skylight above fills the space with a pool of light.

Bottom Left:  A steel metal mesh workstation on the design floor abuts the bowed wall of a conference room.  The bowed wall signals that a different type of activity takes place behind it, while the steel mesh wall and other exposed materials challenge the designers to explore unconventional materials and methods.  The wood column, right, with its exposed fasteners alludes to the functional, yet decorative elements on Nike’s shoes.

Top Right:  A head-on view of a conference room shows slot windows that relate it to the Sports & Fitness Center beyond it.  Custom-designed wall sconces along the stairwell are made of rice-paper glass.

Bottom Center (Small):  The main board room on the executive floor of the John McEnroe building reveals more allusions to Nike’s connection with the Pacific Rim.  Custom-designed wind-chime-like light fixtures are made of tempered glass and highlight a pattern of squares accenting the custom-designed table.  The floating panes of glass are sandblasted to bring a diffused light to the Fiddleback maple table, the grain of which is rippled like the sand in a Japanese garden.  The joinery on the table and podium is Japanese peg-and-tendon construction.

Bottom Right (Small):  A work-station in the design area of the Michael Jordan building reveals raw aluminum and rubber accents on the corner.  Exposed fasteners on the wood top cap reinforce the product design concept.  Metal grids on the walls allow products under development to be displayed.